Brother Darryl, Clinic Cat

Brother Darryl joined our team at just a few weeks old in the summer of 2023. At the time, we were still a mixed animal practice, and one of our favorite dairy farm clients asked if we could take in the injured orphaned barn kitten. He had been stepped on by a cow and had a mangled left forelimb. The team nursed him back to health, until the kitten was big enough to have limb amputation surgery. We had been without a clinic cat for three years after the passing of Squirrel, longtime resident clinic cat (also an amputee) so it was decided that Brother Darryl could stay. Despite only having three legs, Darryl proved to be extremely athletic. After jumping multiple other barriers, we finally purchased a 71 inch tall gate to prevent him from having access to the reception area, where pet food is displayed. His greatest love in life is food, or anything even remotely resembling food, which requires us to keep anything edible locked away. His second greatest joy comes from stalking certain team members and biting them on the backside. When in a “soft” (not sharp/spicy) mood, he loves to be held by his favorite team members, making sure their ears and nose are licked clean.