Companion Animals

Variety of companion animals pictured in a row

We provide services for companion animals.  We do not personally offer after-hour emergency services but work closely with several emergency clinics in the area to provide after-hour care. Our featured services fall into three categories:

  • Preventive care: Wellness exams, vaccines, fecal parasite screening, urinalysis, heartworm and tick disease screening, internal and external parasite prevention and treatment, anal gland expression, nail trims, bloodwork analysis, nutritional consultation, and LIMITED reproductive services including pregnancy confirmation, c-sections (when schedule allows), new puppy exams, and puppy surgeries (tail docking and dewclaw removal if <5 days old but NOT ear cropping).
  • Sick animal care Sick pet exams, toxic ingestion treatment, blood chemistry analysis, x-rays, sick animal care including outpatient hospitalizations, biopsies, splint, cast, and bandage application, laceration and wound repair, euthanasia, medication from our on-site pharmacy, and referral services to a variety of board certified doctors when needed. Same-day sick pet/emergency care is provided WHEN SCHEDULE ALLOWS. After-hours emergencies should seek care at local ER veterinary facilities in Madison, Janesville, or Rockford.
  • Surgeries Spays and neuters, declawing, mass removals, dental cleaning and tooth extractions, wound and laceration repair, bladder stone removal, limb amputation, stomach tacking, digestive tract obstruction removal, internal biopsies, enucleation (eye removal), 3rd eyelid gland replacement (cherry eye surgery.)