Squirrel Celebrating Christmas in 2019

Squirrel joined the clinic after a farming accident left her with only three legs and she hasn’t looked back since. Squirrel has been ruling the roost since 2003 and in her years as the “clinic cat” she has obtained many other job titles such as: Official Freeloader, Head of Security, Head Supervisor of all operations, Quality Control (making sure all kitties have the best food choices), Worst Mouser in Evansville and Cutest Three-legged Cat. When Squirrel isn’t napping in the sun you can find her patrolling the clinic, munching on morsels with gravy, or demanding someone give her attention. She is currently working on a page of modeling shots for your viewing pleasure (check back for updates!) If you see Squirrel hobbling around the clinic, feel free to give her some loving!